Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's Education Speech

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA.. President Barack Hussein Obama delivered a very inspiring, motivational and uplifting speech to the nation's students at Wakefield High School in Arlington Virginia.
President Obama stressed the need for students to accept responsibility for staying in school, excellence in the classroom,being attentive to their teachers and the need to listen to their parents, adults and that the future of our nation is inextricably tied to how well our students perform in school.
I heard nothing in the President's speech that was remotely controversial and all the people who prejudged the Presidents message in which that negativity was fueled by the sponsored media are basically prejudice. Prejudiced people always make prejudgements before objective critical analysis and examination of the facts.
All the furor and acrimony over the President's education speech before it was given has a definite racial component and to gloss over the white back lash to President's Obama speech is a capitulation to racism.

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