Sunday, December 6, 2009

How About Those Oakland Raiders Beating the Super Bowl Champs Steelers 27-24 : And What about the New Pittsburgh Kid Bruce Gradkowski of the Raiders

Sunday December,6,2009
Pittsburgh Pa.

Key red zones mistakes cost the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout the game between the tough Oakland Raiders and the declining Super Bowl Champs Steelers. Two Pitts burghers played major roles in their respective teams winning and loosing and they are Ryan Mundy of Woodland Hills High School who had a costly penalty called on him for a late hit on an Oakland wide receiver which gave the Raiders a first down at the Pittsburgh 4 yard line. And Seton LaSalle's flamboyant gutsy Bruce Gradkowski who engineered the game winning drive for the upstart Raiders and he completed 20 out 37 passes for 303 yards and 3 touchdowns.
In five of the games that the Raiders lost they were leading going into the fourth quarter and you can never count out an Al Davis team. If Gradkowski would have been starting at the beginning of the season the Raiders would probably be 9-3. Gradkowski has bounced around the NFL with three different teams and to bad for him that he was not a overrated SEC.QB. or he could have got a 60 mil deal like Russell. JaMarcus Russel I still feel has a boat load talent but he needs to decide if he wants to play football in the NFL and devout mucho overtime hours honing his skills, or he will end up on Studio Wrestling all 275 pounds. The Raiders still lead in the All Time series with the Steelers.
The Raiders have always had a winning tradition and they had three of their seventy Era offensive linemen end up in Canton Ohio, and they are as follows : The late Gene Upshaw, Art Schell and Jim Otto.
The Steelers only had one of their interior offensive linemen end up in Canton on their seventy Era Four Super Bowl Championship teams and that was the hard working late Iron Mike Webster.
Its do or die now for the Pittsburgh Steelers and which Pittsburgh team will show up next week with a 6-6 record to play the hapless Browns ? But the Cleveland Browns can beat the Steelers and if the Steelers don't bring their A+ game the Browns will win.Perhaps Mr. Lebeau has lost some of his fire but the Steelers really need to upgrade their talent level in the secondary and def.line. One thing I will say about Dick Lebeau he always gave 100 per cent as a player, and he has to be baffled about the mediocre play of his entire defense. Yes the Burgh misses Troy Palumalu and they need him desperately but all the members of that secondary and defensive line should be put on notice. Why was Big Ben running on a quarterback sneak and what about the interception that Big Ben through in the end zone ? Head coach Mike Tomlin stated that the Steelers were going to "Unleash Hell in the month of December. Mr Tomlin games in December are won in the outrageously tough training camps in July and August that's what separates the men from the boys. I think Tomlin's training camp this year was very soft like (vanilla fudge) and now Steelers are paying a price from that post malingering Super Bowl hangover. July and August Mr. Tomlin, is were you teach your players to "Unleash all Hell" and "Fire and Brimstone. Its seems ridiculous to say your going to "Unleash Hell" in December when 80% of the season is over. I suspect that many of those nagging injuries that Steelers have presently is do to a soft training camp they had last summer in Latrobe Pa. I personally prefer the Sparta like training camp. And last summer's training camp in Latrobe appears to have been more more like Madison Ave., Soul Train, and Hollywood.
Quite frankly, I was shocked when the Rooney's hired Tomlin and I am more stunned that Tomlin for the first time doesn't appear to have a good grasp on how bad his team is performing.
Mr. Tomlin hire Homestead's Charlie Scales next year as a Special Teams consultant and bring in a Special Teams coach that knows how to teach and motivate . Mr Scales played special teams for the Steelers , Browns and Falcons. Charlie was the special team captain for the Browns when they won the World Championship in 1964 and Charlie was the best special team players of his day who also played some decent Fullback behind the greatest runner in the history of the game,Jim Brown. I never have seen a player on any special teams with more heart than Charlie Scales and he would hit you like LT,Butkus and Bednarik combined. Charlie will tell you Mr.Stefan Logan and Mr. Tomlin you have to have HEART to play Special Teams and you need to posses the desire to hit people not avoid players.
The Rooney's know about the talent and skills of Charlie Scales just tell former super Steeler scout Bill Nunn Jr. to give Charlie a call. Charlie Scales presently lives in the Pittsburgh Suburb, of West Mifflin Pa.
The Bills Steve Tasker gets all the Publicity for his great special teams play but Charlie Scales was the best special teams player of any Era. I have been watching and following Pro football since 1948.

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