Sunday, December 20, 2009

According To The Congressional Research Service By June 2010 There Will Be More U.S. Private Contractors In Afghanistan Than All U.S. And NATO Troops

December 20,2009
College Park, Maryland

By June 2010,according to the Congressional Research Service there will be more private U.S. contractors(130,000) in Afghanistan than all U.S. and NATO troops. The making of war is good business and that's another reason why all the fat avaricious buffoons on Wall Street love Barack Hussein Obama.
The only difference between the cantankerous Obama and the corrupt Geo Bush's foreign policies is that Obama has a white mask over his so-called Black skin. Its called Black Skin,White Mask !
How many have ever heard of the Military-Industrial-Complex ?
Our great American servicemen & women are fighting a make believe enemy in Afghanistan to put more cash into the pockets and stockholders who make up the Military-Industrial-Complex USA.
When is the gullible American public going to wake-up to the lies and deception of the Democrats and Republicans on Capitol hill ?
We can't stay hooked and addicted to ignorance and deceit for ever from the Idiotcrats and Dumblicans can we ?

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