Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks Sparked The Sucessful Montgomery Bus Boycott-1955

December 1,2009

Blogger Black Buzz's Poem titled Queen Rosa is dedicated to the heroic brilliant courageous actions of Mrs.Rosa Parks who help spark the successful Montgomery Alabama boycott in 1955/56.
Black Buzz's poem Queen Rosa is an extraordinary powerful moving accurate account of Mrs Parks actions on December 1,1955 in Montgomery Alabama.
Now Look ! Now Look ! Now Look !
I have worked all day and I'm Tired
Shucks !The white folks that I worked for told me if ever stood up for myself or my people
I would certainly get Fired
Shucks,When I boarded the Cleveland Ave. bus I decided that I was tired of sittin in the back
because I'm Black
Even if meant I would get physically attacked and hauled off to Jail
I knew the Black community would finally wake up and raise enough money for my Bail
It seemed like something flashed through my mind that compelled me to remain glued to my Seat
As my heart kept pounding with a very rhythmic Beat
Shucks! Black folks knew why he had to sit in the back of the Bus
It wasn't even about the Bus
It was all about Us
Yes,white folks told us for Years
That we had to be separated by race and color,discriminated against and treated like animals who were socially despised and ostracized.
Because of our past condition of servitude to Them
But my Mama and Daddy taught me to love my enemies,just as Jesus Christ did
For some of those white folks may be my next of Kin
Mama and Daddy said:"Rosa take pride in your race
even when those white folks get in your face".
For we had the world's first great civilizations,long before the splendor of Greece and Rome
Eden,Egypt, Kemet, Nubia,Cush,Kush,Punt,Canaan, Alkebu-Lan,and Carthage-we can all call our Home
That was thousands of years before the construction of the New Orleans Super Dome and the building of Greece and Rome.

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