Thursday, December 24, 2009

On December 24,1814 Gallant African American Troops Held Their Position In The Battle Of New Orleans

December 24,2009
New Orleans,Louisiana

Brave bold courageous African American troops fought gallantly at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. These African American troops who fought at the famous battle of New Orleans were not even recognized by the U.S. government as citizens. But yet in still like in every war the U.S.has participated in African American men and women persevered and distinguished themselves.
When I think of sunshine patriots like Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton who did everything in their power to avoid service to there country it sickens me to know that people who weren't even considered citizens fought for rascals like those two characters and other cowards.
Those African American soldiers who fought at the battle of New Orleans are more American than any Cheney or Clinton and others of the same ilk. Now you conniving Tea Party people want to run a born-again deceitful coward like Dick Cheney as your drummer boy for President in 2012 who should be in jail along with his accomplice Geo Bush for blatant violations of the U.S.Constittuion I find that absurd and appalling.

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