Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Texas Tech Fires Coach Mike Leach After Accusations He Mistreated Adam James Son Of Former NFL Player And ESPN Analyst Craig James

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December 30,2009
Cut And Shoot, Texas

The Administration at Texas Tech decided today at 1:08 p.m. that coach Mike Leach would be terminated for his alleged mistreatment of Texas Tech football player Adam Craig.
It just seems to me that the timing was wrong relative to discharging coach Leach when his team will face a tough Michigan State Spartan team on Saturday January 2, 2010. This has to be a major distraction for the entire Texas Tech football team and Red Raider Nation. But hopefully the Texas Tech team will be able to focus on playing the sluggish Spartans from the Big Ten. I am not aware of the facts in the instant case so I will withhold any said judgements of the guilt or innocence of all the parties concerned in said matter. Discharge is such a serious action that I know that one should have enough compelling convincing evidence at hand before more making the decision to terminate. Perhaps the $800,000.oo dollar bonus that was due coach Leach may have played a role in his termination.
If Leach's attorney's can show that the respondent Texas Tech did any or continued with their investigation after the firing of coach Leach to strengthen their case , Mr Leach may very well win his case against the Red Raiders.
The Texas Tech football team should release all of there anger and frustration against the Michigan State Spartans.
Happy New Year !

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