Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bankers On Wall Street Don't Have Any Respect For Obama,That's Why Three Of The Fat Cats Didn't Show Up For Obama's Show/Style Fake Meeting

December 15,2009
Anyone that has followed President Obama since his inauguration who has a modicum of intelligence should realize that the Obama brand is all about show/style and very little on substance and concrete actions.
When President Obama called the Wall Street Bankers "Fats Cats on Wall Street" on last Sunday's Sixty Minutes program that was solely designed to make him appear like a tough guy.But behind the scenes Obama is cow tailing and bowing to demands of those same nasty Fat Cats Bankers who have it made very difficult for small business's and consumer's to obtain all types loans, increase in line of credit,and mortgage refinancing.
The Bankers on Wall Street and the vast majority of thinking people on Main Street USA know that Barack Obama is nothing but an unadulterated wimp and tenderfoot who was made and created
on Madison Ave. The Bankers on Wall Street have Obama in their hip pocket and they know that they have nothing to fear as far as new regulations for their industry,and they are going to pay out obscene bonuses for their executives while Obama just twiddles his thumb.
Obama and the Democrats are attempting to sale the American people with a fraudulent Health Care Bill in the both houses of Congress so Obama and his fellow Democrats can claim a victory for there own political careers but all the bills being considered are a sham. The present Health Care Reform Bills being studied reviewed in both houses of Congress will only put more money in the hands of those Fat Cats on Wall Street and in the nefariously corrupt Insurance industry USA. The premiums in all the bogus Heath Care Reform bills proposed by Reed and traitor Joe Lieberman will rise tremendously. The Democrats and Republicans along with Barack Obama have duped the American people with no Public Option, no Single Payer and no Option for Medicare for people in the age category of 55 to 65. Obama just wants a political victory on Health Care Reform and he could care less about the quality, and the type of coverage the average American will receive under the present bills being considered. That's why the folks on Wall Street love Barack Obama, and his main point men Timmy Geithner and Larry Summers. Why would any intelligent citizen call their respective Congress person for its the Democrats and Republicans that have our country headed down the road to more taxes,higher premiums,and longer lines in the ER rooms with this horrible Health Care Reform Bill. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck could have written a better Health Care Reform Bill that would have been truly a reform bill. At least it would have been honest with the American people in mind. One can rest assure that Barack Hussein Obama will become the allegedly first African American
one term President in the history of the Republic.The Obama brand talks out of both sides of his mouth just like Bank Of America.
As a TV Native American might say,"Black man in the White House speak like a Forked Tongued white man" only better.
You can take the corrupt politician out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the corrupt politician.

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