Friday, December 18, 2009

Barack Obama's Afghan War

Blogger Black Buzz's poem titled: Barack Obama's Afghan War, is a moving, extraordinarily powerful, dynamic and ardently written work about Barack Obama's wanton disregard for the Afghan and the American people.
American soldiers are dying on the crusted cold dry desolate Afghan plains from left to right
with no immediate end to the incessant genocide
in sight
How will the obstreperous Taliban resist America's avaricious Imperial
might ?
Maybe the Taliban and their compadres will play hide-and -go-seek
but I know they will fight
I have seen courageous mothers weeping
and rueful spouses crying
but when I look around
our soldiers are still dying
Why must brave American soldiers die ?
For the tyrannical government of unsavory corrupt Hamid Karzai ?
Why must our gallant American soldiers die ?
For Barack Obama's duplicitous lies ?
The wily Obama says the Afghan fight is a just war
But I ask our laudable young people
Is this the change you voted for ?
Then you go sign up
For Barack Obama's unjust Afghan war

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Black Buzz said...

Uncle Sam wants you !