Sunday, December 27, 2009


Special Report
December 27,2009

JERUSALEM,July,1948- Jews in Jerusalem are under nearly constant bombardment from Arab troops ,who have cut off main roads leading to the city.Water and food must be brought in by caravan along a narrow winding road,almost in front of Arab gunners. Meanwhile ,the Israeli government has agreed to readmit Arabs who fled the country during the fighting if they agreed to accept Israel's conditions.
Calling the newly declared state their homeland,the Arabs have refused to recognize the State of Israel and say they are determined to drive the Jews out. The Saudi Arabian Army and the Jordanian Legion are currently being trained and supplied by the British.
Jewish refugees have fled from the embattled Old City of Jerusalem to the better protected New City. Meanwhile,24,000 Jewish refuges , many of whom have been displaced since the time Of Adolf Hitler,are in detention camps on the Island of Cyrus,waiting to move to Israel.
Currently,Dr.Ralph Bunch ,acting mediator for the United Nations ,is attempting to achieve a settlement between the warring parties.

* The above article was written in 1948 and a recent poll conducted in 2009 has revealed that 76 % of all Palestinians surveyed in the occupied territories support suicide bombings against Israel.
The last two lines of blogger Black Buzz's powerful moving prophetic poem titled "The Call For Peace written in 1977 reads as follows :
The Call For Peace Is Never To Late
But Only Arabs And Jews Can Decide Their Own Fate

* God will be the final Divine Arbiter of the conflict between Arabs & Jews.

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