Monday, February 11, 2008

The Clintons' Female Surrogates NOW

Hillary’s support by the Illinois, Connecticut and New York Chapters of NOW is of no consequence because the vast majority of American women view NOW as a misguided lunatic fringe group whose views conflict with decent traditional American values of family and home. The duplicitous Clintons and their conniving surrogates such as NOW and others have split and fractured the Democratic party. These misguided ne’er-do- wells have lied and distorted the voting record of Mr. Obama relative to his voting record on abortion in the Illinois Senate. According to Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.), NOW Chapters in Illinois and Connecticut were deliberately distorting Mr. Obama’s record on abortion bills. .Ms. DeLauro further wrote that the facts are clear---“in the Illinois State Senate, choice advocates asked strong, pro-choice legislators like Senator Obama to vote “present” on Republican designed bills like a ban on partial birth abortion to protect a woman’s right to choose”. Senator Obama has always had a 100 percent pro-choice rating, and he is the only candidate running for President who spoke out when South Dakota passed an incredibly restrictive ban on abortion. You misguided souls in NOW, why didn’t your girl Hillary speak out in opposition against South Dakota when they passed that restrictive ban on abortion? The Republicans will be the beneficiaries of the Clintons and NOW continually playing the race, gender, and generational card..

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