Monday, February 11, 2008

Allegheny County Demcratic Plantation Politics

The Black community in Pittsburgh and in Allegheny County has always given their overwhelming support to the corrupt Democratic Party. What has the Black community received in return other than to be taken for granted by a banal, callous and ambivalent Democratic Party who has come to depend on us and who has always taken our vote and support for granted. For the last 75 years, the Democratic Party has been the biggest impediment to progress in the Black community in Pittsburgh and in Allegheny County. But yet and still, Blacks give their complete allegiance and loyalty to this scandalous Democratic machine which is beyond my comprehension. It is imperative that all Black and intelligent White voters abandon the Democratic Party. If it means developing an independent third party as a vehicle to address the true needs of all the people in Allegheny County, this needs to be done with undue haste to offset the power of the Democratic and Republican strangleholds on the voters in Allegheny County.

I am supporting Mr. Barack Obama not because he is Black but because he is better prepared, qualified and has a clearer vision on how to make the United States a true egalitarian society. I voted for presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Carter, who were White, because they were better qualified than their Republican opponents. The race of the candidate for any political office should be completely irrelevant as we move forward in the 21st century in trying to eradicate the individual and institutional structures of race and socioeconomic class of the past.
The Allegheny County Democratic Committee members in their pandering to the Clintonian establishment chose Hillary Clinton to endorse who has not distinguished herself in any career endeavor and who struggled through Yale Law School. The distinguished Barack Obama who was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, an award you bestow upon your brightest, intelligent and most capable law student and who also has had a stellar exemplary career since he left law school, did not receive the endorsement which goes to show that it is business as usual in Allegheny County and relegates Blacks to a position of secondary consideration in all matters of importance.

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