Friday, February 1, 2008

Slam Dunk Victory for Barack

It was a slam dunk victory for Barack Obama in last night’s presidential debate in Los Angeles, California. Barack won the debate for the following reasons:
1. health care-------Barack’s plan takes into account the millions of people who
cannot afford health care but who wish to have it, if affordable It also brings
the American public into the discussions with an open door policy for their
input. His plan brings together all parties including members on the other side
of the aisle as well as leading health care experts. Hillary’s experience in this
arena was one of behind closed door meetings, exclusion and polarization. Is
this the experience Hillary would bring to the White House???? Hillary’s
mandatory health care would cause people to be in the same position many
are in today. That is, Hillary’s plan would cause people to choose between
health coverage and purchasing food.
2. immigration------As Barack pointed out, Hillary has changed her position on
Illegal immigration on several occasions. In one debate, Hillary stated that
she was for giving driver’s licenses to the illegal immigrants and in the same
debate said she was not in favor of granting the driver’s licenses. Obama on
the other hand, has been consistent on his position with illegal immigration.
He is in favor or giving driver’s licenses even though this is certainly not the
popular position with the American public. Because Hillary lacks depth and
knowledge on this subject and changes her position for political expediency,
we can ill afford to have Hillary as president because of her lack of
decisiveness and principles. Last night, Hillary revealed her consistency in
being wishy-washy and duplicitous.
3. Iraq------Last night, Mr.Obama showed the entire nation that Hillary Clinton
does not have the temperament or judgment to be president of the United
States. She appeared dumbfounded, baffled, perplexed relative to her vote
in support of the war in Iraq. Contrast that to Mr. Obama’s position since 2002
which has been consistent against the war in Iraq. When questioned by Wolf
Blitzer of CNN, she refused to say she was naïve or that she had made a
mistake in her vote in support of the war which points out that she is rather
disingenuous and lacks the character and integrity to be commander-in-chief
and president of the United States. Any senator who did not read and
critically examine the NIE report, is not a person in either party fit to lead this
country. Going to war by any nation is the most serious problem and
responsibility of a head of state because we are ordering men and women to
make the ultimate sacrifice in giving up their lives. Therefore, it was
incumbent upon each United States senator to exercise their responsibility as
an elected representative of the people to read all the necessary intelligent
information, to critically examine the information and to call for a hearing on
the subject before we committed our men and women to be placed in harm’s
way. There was no credible, tangible evidence to show that the United States’
internal security was being threatened by Saddam Hussein. Hillary Clinton’s
failure to read and question the NIE report points out her cavalier attitude, her
lack of thoroughness and her dereliction of duty as an elected official of the
people of the United States of America. This is why Hillary is not fit and is not qualified to be commander-in-chief of the proud US military. I ask you Hillary Clinton, John McCain and George Bush and company---was it worth 4000 American lives, 200,000 Iraqi deaths, 4 million refugees, one hundred thousand wounded and the total destruction of the entire infra-structure of the country of Iraq because of your lack of knowledge, depth and judgment? It should be clear to all the voters going into Super Tuesday that the choice for the democratic
nominee for president is Barack Obama.

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