Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hillary's Attack On Obama Was Petty

At a time when Americans are seeing their homes lost due to foreclosures, predatory lending practices, escalating college costs, lack of a bona-fide health care plan, loss of jobs and under-employment due to NAFTA, inferior veterans’ benefits, a downsized military that doesn’t have the personnel to properly deploy to fight on many fronts simultaneously, a warped jingoistic manifest destiny foreign policy, high fuel costs, the lack of a comprehensive energy program, crisis in learning in public education for grades K through 12, a depressed economy, and Hillary lashes a vicious attack on Barack Obama for using words and statements in a speech that were made by his friend and supporter, Duval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts. Typically in political campaigns, sound and appropriate phrases that have been used, are often repeated by other politicians. By Hillary’s criticism of Barack’s use of Patrick’s “words”, she shows a desperate attempt to attack the totally unimportant issues of a campaign. Voters don’t want to hear personal attacks on the type of speeches a candidate uses. Hillary is playing on the intelligence of the American voters in Wisconsin, Ohio and Texas whom she feels will not see through her ploy. Mr. Obama has pointed out how Hillary is guilty of using his words and phrases when out on the campaign stump. Furthermore, it has been reported Hillary has used parts of Pat Buchanan’s speeches verbatim when Mr. Buchanan was running in the Republican primary in 1996.
The voters want to hear comprehensive plans to remedy the problems affecting their everyday lives. The truth of the matter is that Hillary is jealous of Barack’s oratorical skills which is one of the areas in which she is lacking. Thus this is further evidence of the pettiness and smallness of Hillary’s character and a demonstration of Hillary’s lack of judgment . Would you want someone of this caliber as commander-in-chief of the United States military?
Look for more ambushes by Hillary in the CNN debate on February 21st . She will attempt to create a diversion from the real issues that the candidates should be debating.

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