Monday, February 11, 2008

The Hillary Shuffle

Mrs. Hillary Clinton has replaced her grossly incompetent campaign manager Patti Doyle with the inept, crude Maggie Williams. Maggie Williams was known around the Clinton White House as a strong-arm bully. Maggie Williams is the same person who directly witnessed other Hillary Clinton subordinates removing files and documents from Vincent Foster’s office after his purported alleged suicide. There is also the question of whether Maggie Williams ordered subordinate White House staff to remove said documents from Vincent Foster’s office. Nevertheless, a cloud of mystery and suspicion still surrounds the death of Vincent Foster.
Character and integrity are essential qualifications in choosing the president of the United States. In the instant case, Hillary Rodham Clinton receives a poor and failing grade. What is it about the Clinton persona that attracts sleaze and unsavory individuals? If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president, the Republicans will have an open field day and feast upon this troubling episode during Bill Clinton's presidency.

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BlogAzine World said...


Hillary DOES NOT HAVE OHIO LOCKED UP ! In fact, this past Sunday, Ohio's Largest Newspaper (Cleveland Plain Dealer) gave a wonderful endorsement to Barack Obama. Below are a few excepts. Funny....we're not hearing that on the news at all.....So it's up to you...The Obama Warriors to SPREAD THE WORD !

Ohio's Largest Newspaper Endorses Obama !

...Given these similarities, Ohio Democrats have to ask themselves which candidate is more likely, first, to win the White House, and, then, to persuade a closely divided country to embrace his or her vision of change. Put even more pointedly: Who is more likely to change the world of a child born in 2008?...

...The answer, we think, is Barack Obama.
Although Obama stands on the precipice of a historic breakthrough, his personal story is a classic only-in-America saga: A white mother from Kansas. A black father from Kenya. A childhood in multi-ethnic Hawaii. Scholarships to Ivy League schools. Work as a community organizer and later a law professor in Chicago. Two terms in the Illinois Senate, then a landslide election to the U.S. Senate. An electrifying keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.
That speech laid out the template for this campaign. He has challenged America to move beyond rigid racial, religious or partisan divides to focus instead on shared, national goals. It's a message that appeals to young voters and independents, to disillusioned Democrats eager to regain a sense of possibility and, yes, hope.

Hillary Clinton is an exceptionally bright and accomplished woman. Only a fool could dispute that. It would be nice if Obama's policy proposals were as meaty as those she has put forward. It's no wonder she wants Democrats to see this race as a choice between résumés.
But in a campaign where history matters, she carries an inordinate amount of baggage. Who wants to relive the soap operas of the 1990s?
America needs a fresh start. Barack Obama is the Democrat to provide it.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Feb.10,