Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kentucky Makes History As Five Of Its Players Are Selected In The First Round Of The NBA Draft: This Was The Weakest Draft In 35 Years.

Flushing, New York
June 26, 2010

Flushing New York.. The University of Kentucky Wildcats makes history with five of its players selected in the first round of the NBA Draft that was held on Thursday in New York City on June 24th 2010.
Those Wildcats selected are as follows :
1. John Wall# 1
2. DeMarcus Cousins
3. Patrick Patterson
4. Eric Bledsoe
5. Daniel Orton
I thought this was the weakest NBA draft in the last thirty five years.
The question I have for all the experts out there in Wildcat land how come Mr. John Calipari couldn't win a National NCAA title with the likes of all those first round draft choices ?
I have always contended that Calipari's strong suit is recruiting, and he is only an average teacher, and mediocre strategist.
If and when Calipari wins a National title one can rest assure that the second coming is nearer than you think.
I think John Wall is vastly overrated, and he committed too many costly turnovers in key ball games, and his outside shooting is atrocious. Wall can drive to hoop with great explosion and quickness, but very often he plays totally out of controlled, and he likes good court awareness.
I thought that Derrick Rose was a much more accomplished player than John Wall when he came out of Memphis. Rose is a better ball handler than Wall, and he is a far better shooter than John Wall. Plus I feel that Rose has a better feel for the game than Wall, and he is cognizant of what each player should be doing on the court at all times.
DeMarcus Cousins appears to be very immature and lacks the good hard discipline that is needed to play at a very high level in the NBA. Both Wall and Cousin really need to put in a lot of hard work and dedicate themselves to the game more in order to become top pros.
I like Bledsoe's game, and he may have been the best all around guard at Kentucky last year. Bledsoe is a better ball handler than Wall, and he shoots considerably better than Wall from the outside. Both Wall, Bledsoe and Cousins play tenacious defense, but Cousins had a tendency to take some plays off.
Patrick Patterson may develop into the best pro of the five Kentucky players chosen in this years NBA draft. Patterson is fully dedicated to the game of basketball and he has the talent to become a great one if he willing to pay the extra price of putting in more work than is normally required.
Yes this was the weakest NBA Draft in the last 35 years, and know one player stands out in this 2010 mediocre Draft class.
* Kyle Singler of Duke should be the College player of the year in 2011, but coach's K's system may limit Singler from getting all of the top honors next year. Coach K's system is about winning, and Duke is loaded with old & new talent.

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