Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fryeburg Academy, Maine 1962 Track & Field Team Featuring Record Breakers Charlie Robitalle In The High Jump, and Ronald B. Saunders in the 100 Yard Dash

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                         MAY 27, 1962

         The 1962 Fryeburg Academy Track Team, Fryeburg Maine.

        For more information on the Track Career of Ronald B. Saunders read:

BlackBuzz's Track Career dated March 2, 2009  at

Note: I ran on a cinder track at the Maine State Prep School Meet. Our track at Fryeburg Academy was a dirt Horse Track, which was designed and built for horses.
Times on cinder tracks are much slower than today's high tech Synthetic Solid Polyurethane and Rubber tracks which are very fast. I never ran on a Asphalt track which is also much faster than a cinder track or dirt track which is for horses.

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Black Buzz said...

Note cinder tracks collect more rain and moisture than the high tech track of today which makes them more sluggish and slow. Therefore the times on cinder tracks will be slower than the high tech tracks of today.
I do believe that if I would have been pushed in the spring of 1962 that I could have run 9.6.