Friday, January 13, 2012

Hill City Youth Municipality Pittsburgh, PA: Picture of a Hearing as a Result of Arrest by James S. Robinson, Jr., Director of Hill City

Black Buzz News Service
James S. Robinson, Jr. Project
Robinson Family Archives
Pittsburgh, PA
January 13, 2012

The above arrest by James S. Robinson, Jr. was a result of him catching people involved in prostitution and the solicitation of minors.  Because of this arrest, Jim Robinson was visited at the Hill City location on Bedford Avenue after hours by two off duty police officers from the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh who physically attacked Mr. Robinson.  The officers who attacked Mr. Robinson ended up having to retire from the police force due to crippling injuries.  Jim Robinson would not tolerate on his watch anyone trying to solicit a minor for immoral purposes.

Jim Robinson is believed to be one of the first person of color in the United States to be a Master in Martial Arts as noted in the above Identification Card.

* Ronald B. Saunders is the son of James S. Robinson, Jr.

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