Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Wolfe, Robinson, Saunders Families

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Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson Project
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Pittsburgh, PA
May 13, 2012

Candace is Thomas J. and Ronald B. Saunders great great great grandmother who was born in Charlotte, NC in 1815.  Candace is Papa Wolfe's grandmother.  Papa Wolfe's mother's whereabouts were unknown and his grandmother Candace raised Papa Wolfe on the Wolfe Plantation.  Papa Wolfe married Dicie who is pictured below and is the great grandfather of Thomas J. and Ronald B. Saunders.

Seated next to the little boy is Dicie Gady Rorie Wolfe who is the great grandmother of Thomas J. and Ronald B. Saunders and wife of Papa Wolfe.  Dicie was born on August 25, 1864 in Pee Dee River South Carolina which is home to the Pee Dee Cherokee Nation.  Dicie is part Cherokee First American.

Odessa Pearl Wolfe Brooks is the mother of Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson and is the grandmother of  Thomas  J. and Ronald B. Saunders.  Mama Pearl's mother is Mama Dicie pictured above.  

Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson pictured above is the mother of Thomas J. and Ronald B. Saunders

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