Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who’s Malcolm X? Amiri Baraka and Bill Fletcher Debate

Who’s Malcolm X? Amiri Baraka and Bill Fletcher Debate

Black Buzz says that Marable book on Malcolm X is full of lies, distortions, and misrepresentations which is pawned off to the public as good scholarship.
No true scholar or admirer of  Malcolm X accepts this bogus academic exercise by Marable who relied on what other poor scholars had written about Malcolm without any evidentiary proof to substantiate his erroneous conclusions about Betty and Malcolm.

The sponsored media has systematically fed us with a steady diet of Negro academic pimps on CNN, MSNBC who are nothing but front men and women for the corrupt Democratic Party. None of these academic pimps knew Malcolm and none have ever been involved in the on-going struggle for Black Liberation in the USA nor anywhere else in the African Diaspora.

These academic pimps come from such schools as Georgetown, Columbia, Harvard and Penn to name a few. The scholarship of these pimps is shabby and they do in fact have a political agenda which has everything to do with returning the Anti-Progressive President Barack Obama to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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