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Fryeburg, Maine: Happy 250th Birthday August 24, 2013

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August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013 is the 250th birthday of Fryeburg,Maine which is the home of the prestigious   Fryeburg Academy.  

Below is the historical program document of the First Congregation Church of Fryeburg, Maine, January 9, 1955.  The program document was obtained by my brother, Thomas J. Saunders, Jr. who was a 1957 graduate of Fryeburg Academy and a regular attendee of the church.

                            Picture of Fryeburg, Maine's famous donut tree

The top picture is of the old Oxford House.  The bottom picture is the Oxford House today.  This is where my wife and I enjoyed my Father's Day dinner in June, 2012 with a backdrop of the White Mountains Saco River with Miles Davis music in the background---"Kind of Blue".

                                                              Lowell Lake in Fryeburg, Maine

         One of the many lovely doorways of Fryeburg's fine old mansions

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