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Mrs. Beatrice L. Saunders Was Hostess to a Bridal Shower Held at Her Home, In Honor of Bride-To-Be, Lorraine Robinson: July, 1948

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Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson and
James S. Robinson, Jr. Projects
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Pittsburgh, PA
August 5, 2013

Lorraine Brown married Clifton Brown in 1948.  Clifton Brown is the brother of the famous jazz bassist, Ray Brown.  Lorraine is the sister of James S. Robinson, Jr. who married Beatrice L. Saunders.  

Lorraine's son, Ray provided an all-expense trip to St. Thomas in  2001 for his and his wife's family. 

                                                             Family Photo in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

                            Top picture from left to right are Marta Brown (Ray's wife), Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson,
                            Lorraine Brown and Ray Brown in St. Thomas.
                            Bottom picture shows Beatrice and Lorraine having a snack in St. Thomas.

                                  Pictured from left to right are: Ray Brown, Lorraine Brown and Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson
                                                                                       while in St. Thomas.

                      Pictured from left to right are: Marta, Beatrice, Lorraine and Ray in St. Thomas

Lorraine Brown who will be celebrating her birthday on August 7, 2013, is Ronald B. Saunders' aunt.
Ray Brown is Ronald's cousin.

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