Friday, March 28, 2014

The Dr. Edna McKenzie Chapter of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) Holds an Honorary Tea for Elsie Henderson, Longtime Chef for the Kaufmann Family in Their Fallingwater Estate

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Ronald B. Saunders Project
Pittsburgh, PA
March 27, 2014

Valerie Lawrence served as Mistress of Ceremonies and did an excellent job.  The honoree, Elsie Henderson spoke extensively about her career in culinary arts by learning to cook in her mother's kitchen to fine tuning her craft by trial and error as she grew to master her craft in the culinary arts. As the chief chef at the Kaufmann estate at Fallingwater, Ms. Henderson informed the audience of the number of dignitaries, Heads of States, and the architect of Fallingwater himself, Frank Lloyd Wright all of whom she met and for whom she cooked.
Ms. Henderson, who is in her 100th year, stated that one of the keys to her longevity was to never have second helpings of food and to eat plain, simple foods.
The highlight of the program was the announcement of the Culinary Scholarship at CCAC named in honor of Elsie Henderson.  The announcement was made by Dr. June Pickett Dowdy, president of the Dr. Edna McKenzie Chapter of ASALH.  See press release of the events held on March 8, 2014 below.

       Dr. June Pickett Dowdy with CCAC Culinary Arts students.

CCAC Culinary Arts students applying their craft in preparation for the tea with Ms. Elsie Henderson.

CCAC Culinary Arts Adjunct Faculty Member Paul Passafume and President June Pickett Dowdy of the Dr. Edna McKenzie Branch of ASALH, greet Elsie Henderson (seated).

                                            Guest of Honor, Elsie Henderson

    CCAA Culinary Arts students await arrival of guests for the "Tea with Ms. Elsie Henderson" event.

Elsie Henderson at the Fallingwater estate with picture of Kaufmann family member on the wall.

Elsie Henderson and a Daffodil Cake with strawberries in the Fallingwater kitchen.

ASALH member, Ronald B. Saunders encourages all parents, students, organizations, scholars to join the Dr. Edna McKenzie Branch of ASALH.

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