Saturday, August 8, 2009

Now That We Have Justice Sotomayor On The High Court, We Can Go After A Ban On All Firearm Sales & Manufacturing!

When will we as a nation evolve into a true and honest civilized society that bans the manufacture, sale and ownership of all guns and other lethal weapons ?
The United States of America has more firearms than all of the rest of the nations in the world combined. The ownership of so many weapons signals something is very sick within the inner soul and fabric of America society and in its warped psychic which is truly based on insecurity, feelings of inadequacies and fears.
America also has more bigoted and mentally ill people than the rest of the world and many are walking around masquerading as normal with more misplaced emotional baggage than at any UPS Depot or Federal Express station. The U.S. Congress needs to authorize through legislation a highly skilled Mental Health Patrol that would have sole responsibility to police the INTERNET for individuals who are in dire need of medical & mental treatment and follow-up care in order to prevent all of these senseless killings. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".
People with guns kill, and why can't we develop more humane civilized approaches to resolving conflict or conflicts in the 21st century ?
We have destroyed most of the wild life in this country because of incessant greed and a thirst for killing and animals are effected by human behavior. My Native Americans ancestors killed for survival and lived in harmony with the various creatures. So what is it about some European Americans that makes them want to kill everything in sight from the animals to other human beings ? When will this wanton and ruthless destruction of the American society cease ?
Take away all guns ASAP. When the proper legislation is passed to ban the sale, manufacture, distribution and ownership of all firearms, a comprehensive program should be enacted to confiscate all firearms from citizens. The use of firearms should rest solely with the police and other law enforcement agencies and officials in conjunction with a well regulated highly trained military.
When the so-called framers wrote the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution the country was largely an Agrarian society,and the intent of the framers was that citizens have a right to bear arms in a well regulated militia for defense of the homeland. For the framers knew that in order to conquer the indigenous lands they might have to call on the people in a well regulated(Armed) militia to carry out their grand designs of total confiscation of the Native lands coupled with systematic genocide for the expansion of the United States. The Native people were in the way of the European foreigner and they resided on the land that the Europeans wanted,and thus they were defeated because of the overwhelming fire-power ,trickery,deceit,land manipulation,fraudulent treaty's,lying, European diseases and various diseases from their cattle and other livestock,and the killing of the Buffalo on the "Great Plains". It was never the intent of the framers that every citizen have a right to bear arms.but that they only bear arms in a well regulated militia,and that right shall not be infringed. Our framers would be turning over in their graves if they knew the country that they found had more lethal fire-arms than the rest of the world combined.
What is vitally needed is a Constitutional Convention under Article V that would give states the opportunity to vote on abolishing said Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,and to tweak this antiquated 18TH.Century document that has to be fine tuned and made more relevant and palatable as we move forward in the 21IST. Century.


Black Buzz said...

There are many Black Urban House servants(Terrorists) that are running around shooting and killing their own people on all the streets of our cities. Killing your own people is house servant behavior,and" We need to call it for what it is". Why would you kill something that you love ? These little Urban Psychopaths are full of self hate and hate everything in their internal and external environment,and they have taken on many of the character traits of the White dominant culture.
You see the same type of pathologies in the present day Israeli's in their nefarious treatment and behavior toward the Arabs living in Palestine;for the Israeli's behave and act just like the Nazi's of the Third Reich; Study has shown that people who have been oppressed for long periods of time take on the characteristics of the oppressor both consciously and subconsciously.

Black Buzz said...

Chairman Mao-Tse-tung said" The way to maintain power was through the barrel of a gun ".Actually the Venicetians first coined the phrase about the way to hold power was through the barrel of a gun and Mao who was a librarian and scholar learned about this phrase at Beijing University.

Black Buzz said...

Without those guns the Native tribes never would have been conquered.