Tuesday, August 25, 2009

President Obama To Nominate Bernanke To 2nd. Term At Fed.

The American people must realize that all politicians make campaign promises in the heat of battle that they never plan on keeping when elected to said office.

What we have in the instant case of President Barack Obama was a masterful duping of his core constituency during his campaign for the Presidency,and now true Obama ism has emerged with all the duplicitous by-products." Ha! Ha! " A Sucker is born every minute and every hour of the day".

Here are some of the other comments by other Americans on the Blogosphere.

Caroline Silver,Glendive,MT. "Where is this change you spoke about during the campaign" ?

"The campaign that I dedicated myself to in Virginia,New York,and Ohio". "How can you say you are changing Washington when you re-affirm,reappoint and reinforce all of Bush's policies and politicians" ? "I have never been so disappointed".

Pdxtran- "ugh. Another Wall Street insider". "I always knew that Obama was no leftist,but I'm coming around to the idea that he's not been centrist"."He's just another corpora list".

MC-Seattle, "Yes we can,Yes we can be in the pockets of Wall Street".

Monica,Lewiston MI. "Nothing breeds grass like failure in the Obama Administration". "Kind of like Bush Administration,but with a different face behind the same policy"." Obama seems to have drank his own kool-aid"."I'm sorry I bothered voting for another kool-aid drinker".

Jane M.CT."Wonderful". Just wondeful. calling Obama Bush-lite is a greater compliment than Obama deserves". " I will be voting third party in the future".

Mike,Colorado Springs. "Is the President crazy"? Reappoint Ben Bernanke ? "I used to be a big supporter of Obama".. "It's obvious that that hope for change we can believe in was empty rhetoric". Wall Street and Geithner,and Mr. Paulson and Mr. Bush.The U.S.economy almost died from federal credit poisoning between 2001-2008."So the antidote is more of the same poison"? "Why not appoint Greenspan Fed. Chairman again,and just get it over with"? "Whether the President may value heart,like the Tin Woodsman,he is apparently missing both a brain and a spine,like two daughters from the same story".

David G.Ward- The reappointment of Mr. Bernanke simply indicates that Mr. Obama has become the ultimate appeaser to the very same financial culprits which he ran against during his campaign. Further,what is truly tragic about Mr. Bernanke(a Greenspan clone) is that he is oblivious to the concepts of the" real"function of capital,the rationing of " real" interest rates and the fiduciary responsibility of the Fed. Chairman to the American people ! Financial reform and financial sanity will now have to wait until the"Bernanke Boondoggle" implodes as it surely will.

Mark Klein,M.D.- Making a killing on Fanny Mae and Citigroup shares with my partner Uncle Sugar means don't change horses in midstream by not reappointing Bernanake !

Blogger Black buzz says it was Nikolai Lenin who said, "People always have been and they always will be stupid victims of deceit and self-deception in Politics,until they learn behind every kind of moral,religious,political,social phrase,declaration and promise is to seek out the interests of this or that class or classes." (Change We Can Believe In )
I think history is on Mr.Lenin's side.

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