Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Senators Collins&Snowe,Ask The People Of The Great State Of Maine( First) Whether You Should Leave The Republican Party.Please, "Don't Pull A Specter"

All the people in the Keystone State are aware of the fact that Arlen Specter is turncoat politician,who never once discussed with the voters of Pennsylvania whether he should change Party's. Senator Specter only change Party's because he was behind in the polls and he thought his best advantage in winning another term in the U.S.Senate lies with running as a Democrat. Specter's decision was all about Arlen,and he could care less about the people of Pennsylvania. But I predict the voter's in "Penn's Wood's" will send Mr. Specter home packing in the next Senatorial election. The people in Pennsylvania need to wake up and see the need for "Term Limits" for U.S. Senators.

I am asking that Senators Collins and Snowe first consult with the citizens of Maine for their input before making a final decision in leaving the Grand Olde Party Of Lincoln.

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