Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes Elena Kagan Is The Democratic Version Of Harriet Miers

Chevy Chase, Maryland
May 11, 2010

Elena Kagan is the principal person responsible for banning the U.S. Military from recruiting at the Harvard Law School. This is the same U.S. military that is helping to keep Ms. Kagan safe at home, and whose members are shedding their blood and dying for the stars and stripes around the globe.
Kagan's actions in the case of banning U.S. Military from the Harvard campus gives the appearance that she is Anti-American.
So the Harvard men, and women are too good to serve their country ?
So why should Kagan have a lifetime position on the nations highest court while holding such Anti-American views of the U.S. Military ?
Kagan also has a very thin paper trail, and she has published very little on academic scholarship.
Kagan like Obama is in the hip pocket of Goldman Sachs. Watch how Kagan ducks, and dodges questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee about her role in the Goldman Sachs fiasco.
Perhaps Booker T. Obama will give Kagan some free Tap dance lessons.
Kagan is a closet Bircher, and the right should be totally satisfied with her candidacy.
Elena Kagan is another Harriet Miers.
Aren't there any attractive women in the USA legal profession ?

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