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Jim Robinson To The Rescue on Route 8 in Penn Twp.

The James S. Robinson Jr. Project
The James S. Robinson Papers
Butler, PA
April 24, 2011

                         Jim Robinson to the Rescue
                              Summer of 1954

There were times during the summer months, I would go with my dad to the Dunbar Community Center located in Butler, PA.  My father was the Executive Director of the Dunbar Community Center.
One day we were traveling on route 8 north in Butler county.  We were between the Step Inn Restaurant and the Penn Vue Golf Course (which was owned by a Negro in Penn Twp.), when we observed that several cars were involved in a crash.  Other motorists were  just standing around looking at the one accident victim who was bleeding from the head and lying on the ground.
My dad stopped our large 4 door 1951 Black Nash Ambassador and went into the trunk and got out a couple of brown blankets and a first aid kit.  My dad proceeded across the road to the scene of the accident and immediately took charge by telling one motorist to go to Step Inn to call for an ambulance and the State Police.  My dad placed both blankets under the woman and placed a bandage or compress on the woman's forehead, which stopped the bleeding and thus treated her for shock before the ambulance arrived which took the victim to the Butler Memorial Hospital.
When the medics arrived, they were amazed at how the woman in question was being cared for and asked my dad was he a Doctor because he may have saved that woman's life.  My dad replied: "that isn't important who or what I am.  Just get this woman to the hospital". 
Later my dad received a call from the ER doctor who stated that he actually saved the accident victim from serious injury and that the woman's family was offering my dad financial compensation which my dad refused.   My dad responded that "their mother's life was more important than any amount of money." I can't recall the name of the woman who was injured.

The editor notes that James S. Robinson Jr. was a member of the Pennsylvania State Council of Civil Defense, Harrisburg, PA.

               Below is my dad's Civil Defense Card, which I still have.

                                 Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania
                      STATE COUNCIL OF CIVIL DEFENSE
                                   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
                                       This is to certify that
                                    James S. Robinson, Jr.
                                          524 Francis St.
                            is duly enrolled in..... City of Pittsburgh
                 (Name of county or local civil defense organization)
                            assigned for duty with the Warden............. service
                                          County of Allegheny
                                Enrollment No. 86-W-5898
                               Date of Issue..... Nov. 19, 1956
                               State Director of Civil Defense

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