Friday, April 1, 2011

Mr. Honda and Mr. Toyota Will Start a New Chain of Fast Food Restaurants

Tokyo, Japan
April 1, 2011

Tokyo...... With slumping auto sales world-wide we have learned from a reliable source inside the Obama administration that Mr. Honda and Mr. Toyota have decided on opening up a world wide chain of fast foods restaurants to be called Sambo's.
This joint venture by the two mega auto corporations will offer such menu items as prime radiation burgers, bluefish tuna steaks with a dash of radiation, special bottled plutonium water, Sarkozy french fries, spinach salads with radiation dressing, and strontium 90 Frosty's.
It is also our understanding that BP was desirous of being a partner with the Japanese firms but they were turned down because of
longstanding grudges leftover from World War II.
The first 1,000 visitors to Sambo's restaurants in Japan will be given a lifetime supply of darkie toothpaste andfree medical pass to a cancer clinic of their choice.
Mr. Honda and Mr. Toyota have hired the services of NBC's ( breed ) Ann Curry,  buffoon Bill Cosby, and the over the hill contemptuous Donald Trump to be their primary pitch personnel in selling the  new chain of fast foods outlets.  
Each one of Honda's and Toyota's Sambo's restaurant's will have a smiling picture of Auburn's Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton on the outside glaring at a pile of money surrounded by a bunch of prime radiation burgers. has been trying to convince the Obama administration to make sure that all Sambo's restaurants in the United States have a warning sign posted in each facility.

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