Monday, April 18, 2011

Native Americans & African Americans Defeated At The Battle of Suwanee on April 18, 1818

Special Report
April 18, 2011

SUWANNEE.. Military leader and former runaway Andrew Johnson leads the defeat of a force of brave, ferocious Native Americans and African Americans at the famous battle of Suwanee bringing an end to the First Seminole War.
This is the same Andrew Johnson who would later become President of the United States and one his siblings( brother) was advertised for sale in a local newspaper as an Indentured servant.
The Seminoles had been the target of a government military campaign because they possessed lands which whites in Florida greatly desired and because they had provided safe haven for escaped slaves.
As a result of the battle of Suwanee John Horse a fearless highly intelligent Black man would become a major Seminole leader, and there were many other Black leaders of the Seminole tribe.
It would take at least two more major wars of resistance before the Seminoles and their Black allies lost possession of those lands.
 Later the Black Seminole scouts would become some of the most famous feared military scouts in United States history. Today their descendant's are still fighting for full recognition of their accomplishments and for full membership in the great Seminole nation.


m haggerty said...

this is bs, Andrew jackson fought the battle of Suwanee, led the U.S. forces

m haggerty said...

BTW, I am a conscious African descended from Africans who were involved in the Gullah, Seminole wars, etc.