Sunday, June 30, 2013

James S. Robinson, Jr. Have Been 102 Years of Age Today, June 30, 1911-July 14, 1997 (Part II)

Black Buzz News Service
James S. Robinson Project
Robinson Family Archives
Pittsburgh, PA
June 30, 2013

Picture of James S. Robinson with unidentified relative.  In the back are James' sister Julia reading the paper and his mother to the right.
Pictured are James S. Robinson, Jr. and his grandson, Tommy's son,  TJ at Tommy and Mina's home in Dale City, Virginia.

Pictured from left to right are James S. Robinson, Jr., his daughter-in-law Mina and his granddaughters, Janey and Lisa at Mina and Tommy's home in Dale City, Virginia.

James S. Robinson, Jr's. granddaughter, Wanda Lee Ann Saunders, Tommy's daughter, holding her son, Jordan at her home in Virginia.

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