Friday, June 28, 2013

Lorraine (Lori) Brown's Award Winning Poem Titled "Love" Appeared in an Anthology of Pennsylvania High School Poetry Titled "Young America Sings" in the Spring of 1969

Black Buzz News Service
Robinson Family Archives
Pittsburgh, PA
June 28, 2013

                                                      Love                            Lorraine Brown

                                                      Love is a strong emotion
                                                      It makes the heart so gay;
                                                      It will not fail during life or death;
                                                      True love lives night and day.

                                                       Let us hope that every heart
                                                       Will think no evil or wrong;
                                                       for a heart that follows this golden rule
                                                       Will be filled with joyous song.

This is a picture of Lori Brown and her violin in the ninth grade.  Her older brother, Clifton "Hymie" Brown, Jr. is an accomplished violinist. Her Uncle Ray Brown is known as the greatest bassist in Jazz history.

Pictured from left to right: Raymond (Lori's brother), Toni Robinson Whitehead (Lori's cousin), Billy Robinson (Lori's uncle), Lori and Melva (Lori's cousin).  These are the relatives of Black Buzz and his father, James S. Robinson, Jr.

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