Sunday, June 30, 2013

James S. Robinson, Jr. Would Have Been 102 Years of Age Today, June 30, 1911-July 14, 1997

Black Buzz News Service
James S. Robinson, Jr. Project
Robinson Family Archives
Pittsburgh, PA
June 30, 2013

Pictured is Jonathan Cameron Saunders, Tommy's son and James S. Robinson's grandson, holding his B. S. Degree in civil engineering from Bradley University.

Pictured is Janey Lee Saunders, Tommy's daughter and James S. Robinson, Jr's. granddaughter, whio is a 2003 graduate University of Virginia School of Architecture.

Picture of James S. Robinson, Jr. directing the Track and Field Events of the American Newspaper Guild, Pittsburgh Unit at their annual picnic held at South Park.  Pictured in the middle is the secretary of the Pittsburgh Unit of the ANG is Helen Minear.

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