Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Arab League Endorses a No-Fly Zone Over Libya

Norway, Maine
March 13, 2011

The Arab League with all of its brutally corrupt authoritarian dictatorial oligarchies and monarchies has just endorsed the concept of a
no-fly zone over Libya. Not one of the members of the Arab League has the military capability of carrying out a mission of establishing a no-fly zone over Libya, which therefore leaves it up to the U.S. and NATO to carry out that function and task.
The Arab Leagues is quick to go to the UN when their own interest is being threaten, and when they don't  have to use their own populations to promote their interests.  It will be primarily Americans risking their lives to save these feudally backward Arab States.
The Arab League wants the no-fly zone over Libya because they feel their own corrupt regimes could be at risk if their respective populations take the "Bull By The Horns" and rise up against their niggardly cowardly rule.

Where was the Arab League when millions of Black indigenous  people in Darfur were being systematically slaughtered and exterminated by the Arab Janjaweed and who were also made into refugees in their own land?
Why did the Arab League promote the government in Khartoum in its wicked  divisive deadly campaign of genocide coupled with civil war against the Christian and other populations in Southern Sudan for the last 38 years?
The government in Khartoum is presently promoting and arming breakaway rebel groups in Southern Sudan because they don't want to see the Black indigenous people in the oil rich Southern Sudan controlling all of that oil. This same government in Khartoum used to exact the same tactics in the Darfur region of Sudan by having Black Arab tribesmen known as the Janjaweed carry out horrible atrocities against the people in Western Darfur.
Where was the Arab League when Muammar Qaddafi invaded Chad?  And what  did they do about Libya's blind naked aggression against Chad?
Why hasn't the Arab League demanded that Colonel Qaddafi pay reparations to the people of Chad?  Why is the League so silent on this issue?
Also note that Qaddafi used the Janjaweed tribesmen in his invasion of Chad against the Black native population of Chad. Some scholars say the camel/cattle herding Janjaweed are the descendants and are mixed with the type A and B people of North East Africa.
What has the Arab League done about the persistent issue of slavery in Darfur, Mali, Mauritania, Sudan and in other parts of Africa where there is the foreign presence of the Arab invaders?  And why has the Arab League been so silent on the harsh treatment of their fellow brethren in Palestine by the guilt ridden supremacist Israelis?
Why isn't the Arab League consistently engaged in promoting a two state solution on Palestine in the World Body of Nations?  Why isn't the Arab League the main player in promoting a two state solution rather than the U.S. and the gullible EU?
The silence of the Arab League on all of the previous named issues is just another form of oppression and is quite telling.
The problems of Libya should be solved by Libyans. The puppet UN is only a tool of the U.S., China, Israel and Russia. The UN serves at the behest of the United States of America. What nation pays the largest percentage of the UN's budget? Where is the location of UN's Headquaters? 
I rest my case.

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