Friday, March 25, 2011

One Million Black People Have Been Displaced In The Ivory Coast: Where Is The Coalition Of The Willing?

Abidjan, Cote d I'voire
March 25, 2011
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 President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers  one million Black people have been presently displaced in the Ivory Coast do to intense fighting where is your Coalition of the willing? Isn't a Black life as important as a White Arab life?
Why is there no concern for the plight of the suffering of these indigenous Blacks by the Obama administration?
What is the UN doing other than paying lip service to remedy the problems in the Ivory Coast?
 Watch how the Obamatrons and Bell Curve Negroes attempt to rationalize Obama's inaction's in the instant case of  the one million Blacks who have been misplaced.
 Another two million human beings in the Ivory Coast are on the brink of being eliminated by hostile forces while Obama is sitting back in the Oval Office looking weak and confused as all these crisis' erupt on the world stage.
Let's face it folks during the whole history of the United States of America, Africa and Black people have never been a priority except to uproot the people and enslaved them coupled with stealing, raping the continent of it's precious minerals and other valuable resources. "That's the American Way" and the same basic truism is applicable to the French, Brits, Germans, Danes, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Belgians, Italians, and the nefarious Arabs who have also committed grave inhumane crimes against people on the continent of Africa.
The Obama administration and the corporate media could care less about Africa unless it concerns oil, or minerals, otherwise let the "Blackies" kill each other.

Is this the change you voted for?

Or is this ! Just the same old same old?

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