Friday, March 4, 2011

Hopefully Obama's positive smart Diplomacy will trigger dissident protests and revolts in the oppressive regimes in Cuba, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Tunisia

College Park, Maryland
March 4, 2011

*The above title and below blog post first appeared on June 22, 2009.

The notorious brutally corrupt Castro brothers have been in power in Cuba since 1959, and there is no such thing as a Civil Rights or Protest Movement in the dictatorial regimes in Cuba, Egypt, Libya, Syria, or Tunisia.
The Castro's, Mubarak's, Ghadafi's, and Assad's stay in power by the rule of force, intimidation and oppression of the masses of their respective populations.
It is my hope that the Cuban people will one day rise up and overthrow the present racist government in Cuba.
Hosni Mubarak has been in power in Egypt since 1981 and he stays in power by crushing all his political opponents by brute force and oppression. The Assad's have been in power in Syria since 1970. Syria is ripe for an overthrow of this iron fist regime. Colonel Ghadafi appears to be a repackaged terrorist who rules by absolute power and control.  
The main thing that all of these previous mentioned regimes have in common is they do not permit any semblance of citizen participation in the political process. All of these dictatorial governments will fail in the final analysis. It's just a matter of time.
Apparently Cuba, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia haven't learned any lessons from the Soviets or the Third Reich.  And all these leaders fear President Obama in his offer of outreach and change in their feudal systems of governing their populaces.

*The editor notes that he was correct in predicting changes in the governments of Egypt and Tunisia in 2009
Has Qaddafi lost control of the pseudo counter-revolutionary revolt in his country which is being led by Arab-Supremacists and fueled by the U.S. (CIA) and other nations of the same ilk?

Further the American Empire is crumbling and hemorrhaging at the seams with Machiavellian decadence in all its governmental systems and with a populace that is incessantly engrossed in maintaining an Epicurean lifestyle which is full of all the pathologies of greed, lust, and obscene immoral behavior. 
Study, review, evaluate the causes of the decline of the great Roman Empire and you will find the American Empire has all the signs, symptoms, elements, seeds, and ingredients (red flags) present that signal its fall.  To all you Americanists, the fall of the great American Empire could be sudden or it could be a gradual transformational evolutionary process, but its destruction may be sooner than you think.
The handwriting is on the wall and it's just a matter of time.
Why does the U.S. ( American Empire) need 761 military bases in 156 foreign countries around the globe?  How much money on a weekly basis is the U.S. spending on its cowardly wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan?
How and who is funding these imperial wars of aggression?
Is Libya next on the U.S. hit list?  Can Obama afford to open up another front in the U.S. wars against despotic Muslim regimes while going into next year's presidential election?
How can the U.S. continually pay for these horrible gross mistakes because of its twisted distorted "Modern Day Manifest Destiny Foreign Policy"?


Naysayer said...

Down with the dictatorial, authoritarian oligarchs who have more interest in lining their and their cronies' pockets rather than the taking care of the welfare of the people.

The world as we know it has changed!

Black Buzz said...

Naysayer: We live in a plutocracy in the U.S. where one percent of the ruling families/corporations own 90 percent of the true actual wealth.
The U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Citizens United did the brokering for the U. S. ruling class by deciding in their favor to protect their interest.
"Yes men" like the Governor of Wisconsin and others who are similarly situated are engaged in brokering the interests of the corporate ruling elites in their duplicitous well orchestrated campaign designed to eliminate the ability of workers to collectively bargain for the crumbs from the "Master's" table.
When will the American public wake up to what is really happening to our country?
Who are the one percenter's?