Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Four Million Blacks Have Been Killed in the Congo in the Last Ten Years: Why hasn't France, the U.S. or the UK Intervened in That Genocide?

Burnt Corn, Alabama
March 22, 2011
Special Report

Four million Blacks have been slaughtered in the Congo in the last ten years in a brutal civil war type of conflict. Why hasn't there been any intervention from the coalition of the willing France, the United States of America or the United Kingdom?
France, the U.S. and the UK are three of the most hypocritical nations on the planet earth and demonstrate their hypocrisy by silently supporting their policy of non-engagement if their economic interests are not being threatened by a group of Blacks slaughtering one another in the Congo. The U.S., the UK and France could care less about Blacks killing each other in the Congo and therefore these countries lack a concerted action to assist in remedying the conflict in the Congo river basin.
The present crisis in the African nation of Gabon is far more horrific than what is happening in Libya, Yemen or Bahrain but the U.S again has been mute on the plight of the suffering of the people in Gabon.
Why? Because they are 'Black stupid' and the U.S and its partners in crime the French and Brits don't have an economic interest in Gabon.
What has the great UN done to resolve or mediate the crisis in Gabon, and what has the UN done to stop the carnage in the Congo?
President Obama, your silence on Gabon is just another form of oppression.
Did anyone hear U.S. Senator John Kerry speaking out against the atrocities in Gabon or the Congo? What is the reason for his silence?
Remember when Slick Willie (Bill Clinton) was President of the United States?  He was preoccupied with Monica Lewinsky on his lap and watched the genocide in Rwanda unfold.  Not one of the former slave power countries lifted a finger to stop those horrendous crimes in Rwanda.  Is the tan puppet in the White House following the same script as Clinton's hands off Rwanda policy in reference to Gabon and other countries in Africa where the populations face the same atrocities as in the Congo?

Is the Change You Voted For? 

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