Thursday, July 30, 2009

Did Senator Barbara Boxer Go Racial On Harry C. Alford,President Of The National Black Chamber Of Commerce ?

Yes,Senator Boxer we know some of your best friends are colored,and you have done a lot of constructive things over the years for persons of color but that still does not relieve you from the tag of being a racist. Indeed your behavior toward Harry Alford in the Senate Dirksen building on pending legislation known as the Waxman/Markey Bill was appalling and downright despicable. Harry Alford ask this question of you Senator Boxer,"Why did you go racial" ? Mr. Alford further states"That is what racists do". According to Harry Alford" "When racists get up against the wall,their racial persona takes over and all of the ugly comes out like a gusher".
Racism and Bigotry is not confined exclusively to the Republican Party for some of the Country's most notorious racists are in the Democratic Party.

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Black Buzz said...

billy1007 said Barbara Boxer was a racist so she must be a racist.