Thursday, July 30, 2009

President Obama Why Not Serve Thunder-Bird Wine&Irish Whiskey At Your Meeting Between Professor Gates And Sgt. Crowley ?

Harvard Professor Skip Gates acts uppity since leaving the majestic Mountains of West Virgina,and now he claims that he doesn't drink beer,but he grew up on Moon-Shine or White Lightning. Professor Gates would be right at home sipping on some Thunder Bird Wine,and eating hog's head cheese. And I'm quite sure that Sergeant Crowley would consider it a honor if President Obama got permission from Teddy Kennedy to serve a fifth or two of Irish Whiskey even though he is a beer & pretzel guy.

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Black Buzz said...

Skip Gates only drank the beer because the President of The United States was having a beer meeting. I'm sure Professor Gates would have prefered Thunder-Bird and hog's head cheese.