Wednesday, July 29, 2009

President Obama Rather Than Hold A Beer Summitt Between Gates&Crowley,Why Not Have A Presidential Commission On Race& Reconciliation ?

It appears as though President Obama's Beer Summit meeting between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and police Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge,Massachusetts Police Department is all about show& style to mask a gigantic mistake in judgement on the part of Obama in initially responding to a reporter's question about the Cambridge-Gate affair.
Apparently President Obama thinks that the White House is just your typical Irish Pub or some Ghetto Beer Garden that can be utilized to enhance his own political standing for his gross failure in being properly prepared in his response to the incident in question.
I do believe that President Obama may have spoken from his heart about the Gates-Crowley incident,but it was the wrong response for this incident in Cambridge,Massachusetts involving Gates and Crowley. President Obama's high powered aides&advisers basically failed to properly prepare him for the reporter's question on the Cambridge incident.

President William Jefferson Clinton turned our treasured White House into a Cat House,and now we have the so-called allegedly first African American President sitting down with Gates and Crowley to discuss this important incident over a few beers which gives an appearance that this President is trying to reduce the level of tension between Gates and Crowley to curry favor with Whites in the dominant culture.
Mr. President is this the kind of example you want to show for our children&young people that some of our problems can be drowned away with suds and other destructive vices? Shame on you Mr. President.

It must be said that every identifiable African American male from Colin Powell to Ben Jealous has been victimized by racial profiling,and to reduce this important issue over a six-pack or keg of beer is both disgusting and nauseating on your part,Mr President. President Obama didn't whisper a word about the brutal murders of innocent Black men Sean Bell,or Oscar Grant by a group of filthy racist cops. So why was the President so silent on these heinous crimes committed by the police in New York City and Oakland California ?
It maybe appropriate to have a Beer Summit at a Harvard Law Review social function or at a Greek fraternity House,but not in the white House on the very serious and delicate matters of racial profiling, and good police practices in the United States of America.
By going forward with this Beer Summit meeting with the actors in question shows President Obama's lack of depth and understanding on the complex issue of race, and his historical naivety and flawed sensitivity to issue of race in the broader context of the American society.
President Obama's is counting on his polling numbers going up as result of this beer summit meeting and that's what this meeting is really all about,Mr Obama's approval ratings.
I want everyone to know that if President Obama was serious about"Taking The Bull By The Horn" he would establish A Presidential National Commission On Race and Reconciliation. The purpose of this Presidential National Commission on Race and Reconciliation would be to study,evaluate,examine, create programs that promote better understanding of various cultures and peoples and investigate a multitude of realities of racism in the United States and to make recommendations to the President and Congress for policy changes,Executive Orders, or vitally needed legislation that is germane to the present effects of past discrimination. This Presidential Commission should be adequately funded to fulfill its mission and objectives.
If not you,Mr. President,who? If not now,when Mr. President ?
Mr. President Obama" Don't talk the talk" "If you can't walk the walk".


Black Buzz said...

Let's talk about Slick Willie's Commission On Race.With his very real understanding that issues of racial justice will help determine the future of this nation,Slick Willie,appointed a panel to examine these issues and to make a national report.His model was the Kerner Commission report of the 1960's that called the nation's attention to the racial divide in many areas. But,Slick Willie,for the most part,only appointed African Americans and Euro-Americans,even though the reality of the 21st century is that we are a multicultural nation and our racial justice work must reflect that reality.
Clearly,America must make right its use of Africans as slaves,but it must also make right the theft of the land and genocide of Native Americans,and it must also make right its treatment of Asian Americans and Hispanics Americans as well.Americans must come to understand the contributions of each racial group to this nation and must welcome all at the table.

Black Buzz said...

But the composition of Slick Willie's commission on race wan't its only problem.It never really received the full backing of the President(Slick Willie) it never had adequate funds and staff to investigate the multitude of realities of racism in the United States today and thus,its report was never taken seriously by the American public and another opportunity was lost.
But simply put,Mr. Clinton blew that opportunity through his own personal failings and then lost his opportunity to be considered a great President.
Mr. Clinton was a complete failure on all major Civil Rights issues. His only bright spot was the nomination/appointment of Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg as an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court.