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Don't Abandon me Now Black Man, By Latara Jasmine Jones

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February 22, 2010

The poem by Latara Jasmine Jones, titled "Don't Abandon me Now Black Man appeared in the book Crossing Limits Anthology in 1996.

LATARA J. JONES is a 1992 High Technology graduate of Schenley High School where she lettered in basketball, track, and Silks.
She represented Schenley High School on a 1992 trip to Mexico City. Her awards include a Character Award from McDonald's, and winner of a AKA poetry competition. Her poetry was published in Kwibidi, North Carolina.

Don't Abandon me Now Black Man

Don't abandon me Black Man,
For I love you with every breath.

Please wake up and realize
we have
much at stake

No one can tell you what to do
But I can, I know you better
Than you know you yourself, my man.

From my womb, through
The canal of my jet black thighs
Came the first start of your life.
We weren't separated
when our cord was cut by a
physician's knife.

Gently, I caressed your tiny bald head
nursed you from my bosom.
Watched your little black features,
I saw good looks and wisdom in you.

So give me respect I deserve
Black man, for without me
You wouldn't be here.
Don't abandon me black man,
For I am nourisher, soul mate,
inner strength
and backbone of your life.

Understand I'm not
out to hurt you.

I'm the woman who has
been here for you since the beginning of time,
don't abandon me
Black man.

You have the ability
To accomplish anything,
this society led you
To believe,
you're good for only
your seed.

We are the original
man and woman of Earth
Together we built Pyramids
raised mighty nations.

Know your greatness
Black man,
With every moment of breathe.

Do not treat love,
like a disease,
You've been brainwashed to believe,
you're no better than merchandise,
Handle with care, Please don't squeeze.

Your mind is poisoned, You don't respect yourself.
Violence and drugs in our community,
to beat this thing
We need unity.

Work collectively,
There is nothing we can not do.

My dear, sweet black man
Don't abandon me now !!
Realize our past, present and future,
Lies in your hands.

Blogger Black Buzz says what a powerful dynamic poem from a great woman.What are your feelings about this poem ?

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