Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Black Buzz News Service
Negrotown Knoll Florida.

DECEMBER 20, 1927-- An eye witness report on the U.S. occupation of Haiti, written by two black women, three white women, and one white man has been published. "Occupied Haiti" has been reviewed by the NAACP's magazine Crisis, which calls the occupation "a story of inexcusable aggression, distortion of the truth, cheating and discrimination. "
The excuse...... generally given for the American occupation," says the report, "is that it was necessary to prevent foreign intervention." But, the report notes swept from the seas, " the French had no interest, and the British were busy elsewhere.
" There was virtually no danger of foreign intervention."
According to the Crisis, the report also " looks carefully into the economic aspects of the occupation. (It) shows the large profits the National City Bank of New York is making."
From the Haitian point of view, the report adds, " is not true that we (U.S.) are in Haiti solely as disinterested benefactors....... The occupation guards American financial interests..... at the expense of our poor weak neighbors.

Blogger Black Buzz says the United States of America is presently behaving and acting against the national aspirations of the Haitian people just as it did in 1927. U.S. aid to Haiti has always come with mucho strings attached based upon protecting its own greedy niggardly financial interests. Much of the present outpouring of compassion and assistance to the Haitian people by the U.S government an its citizenry appears to be based upon guilt.

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