Friday, February 26, 2010

The Republicans Don't Give A Damn About Health Care Reform: They Want To Go Back And Start Over To Draw Out The Process Into The Fall Election.

Black Buzz News Service
Big Ben, Texas
February 26, 2010

It is quite apparent from President Obama's Health Care Summit held on February 25th at the Blair House in Washington D.C., that the Republican party doesn't care about the quality or cost of health care in this country.
The Republicans are only concerned about scoring political points and dragging the health care debate into the fall elections therefore benefiting them. These lying Republicans don't give a "Tinker's" damn about the health care of "Joe & Suzie Six Pack" or about any segment of the population. They care only for their friends and cronies in the insurance industry and allied industries. If you check Politifact or the Truth-o-Meter on the Republican talking points regarding their positions on the topic of Health Care Reform, 90% of there assertions and positions at the Health Care Summit were outright lies and distortions. The Republican Party along with the Insurance lobby has done a better job of misrepresenting the facts relative to the Obama health care plan and the bill that passed in the Senate. The average Joe and Suzie Six Pack has been suckered again by the Republican Party and their pals in the Insurance industry with their gross exaggerations and out right lies in an effort to kill any semblance of health care reform.
But I must admit that the cantankerous and duplicitous Republicans do a masterful job of duping and tricking the average "Joe and Suzie Six Pack", plus the Tea Party folks with the false cultural issues such as guns, gay marriages, stem cell research, abortion, prayer in the public schools and illegal immigration. The movers and shakers in the party of Lincoln always get the dummies to vote against their economic interest. The Republicans could care less about those unfortunate whiners in the Tea Party and the average Joe and Suzie Six Pack.
The Republican Party is the party for the rich and powerful and the well heeled crowd. 400 of the richest Americans, both Democrats and Republicans had incomes that doubled under President Bush from 2001 to 2007. How many of the folks that make up the Tea Party had their incomes double since 2001?
So how does Joe Six Pack and the Tea Party folks fit in with the Buffett's, Mellon's, Hilton's, Walton's, Hillman's, Kellogg's, Vanderbilt's, Duke's, Hearst's, and Ralstons? The ruling families don't want you Joe & Suzie Six Pack and you Tea Party people in their crowd, so they dupe and trick you with the cultural issues to make you feel that you're part of the their gang. One of the Hillman family members of Pittsburgh, PA once told me that they strive to influence their party's middle class with the issues of: abortion, prayer in the public schools, guns, gay marriages and affirmative action, and that's how they fire up their base of the Joe & Suzie Six Packs". The Hillman party went on to say that none of those issues were their issues. The Hillman family member stated that they are only concerned about the tax havens, estate tax revision, loop holes in the tax laws, lowering the corporate business tax and less governmental regulations governing their businesses.
The Republicans don't want Obama or the Democrats to succeed on Health Care Reform because they know good and well that Obama and the Democrats will use that as a victory for the fall elections in 2010 and 2012. The Republicans are playing hardball politics with the lives of the American people by suggesting with their disingenuous comments that the President and Democrats need to start over again and go step by step while Americans are dying each and every day because of a lack of adequate health care coverage.The lack of health care insurance kills many more Americans each year than September 11th. and Katrina combined. In fact, the National Academy of Science estimates that 18,000 Americans die each year because they have no health insurance. The Republicans don't believe that Health Care is a human rights issue. The brokers in the Republican Party have taken the position that Health Care in not a moral right and that the free and open market should take priority over the quality of a human beings health care coverage or lack of coverage.
The smaller businesses will not be able to survive under the Health Care plan advocated by (R)Representative John A. Boehner. Right now, we spend twice as much per person on health care than any other industrialized nation, yet we have a lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality rate than Canada, Japan, and most of Europe. In fact, the United States is the only country in the industrialized world that does not have a national health care system.
Republicans have convinced the Joe Six packs that they are paying for the the thirty one millions Americans who presently don't have health care coverage. Which is not true. Further the Republicans purport that America has the best Health Care system in the world, which is false.
The folks in Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Federal Judiciary, have the best medical and health care coverage in the world.
The Republicans state that polls show that Americans don't want the present Senate Health Care Plan but those corporate pollsters don't ask their targeted audience whether they have read the entire bill of 2,700 pages. Only a fool, moron, or a person with significant learning disabilities would say they formed an opinion on a topic or subject without reading the said subject in its entirety.
How many of the folks in the town hall meetings in Tennessee, Arkansas, Arizona, Ohio, Kentucky, or Louisiana have read the entire proposed Senate Health Care Reform Bill?
How many Congress people and their staff have read the entire Senate proposed Health Care bill? The Republicans rather kill the present Health Care bill in the senate just because Obama is pushing the subject forward, a bill that would allegedly benefit the masses of the middle class American people.
Mr. Alexander, Mr. McCain, Mr.Ryan, Mr. Bad News Cantor, Mr. McConnell, my premiums with High Mark Security Blue went up 79 % in January 2010. How many of those previously mentioned jackals had their premiums go up 79% in January 2010? My income didn't go up 79 % in January. I bet there are some Joe & Suzie Six Packs who had their rates go up also in January 2010. Did those Joe & Suzie Six Packs' incomes go up 79% in January 2010 ? Then you tell me why in the hell are they supporting the obstructionists in the Democratic Party along with those cowards in the "Grand Olde Party of Lincoln?"
I must reiterate that the Congress people in the Republican and Democratic Party have the best medical- health care coverage that the public's money can buy.
We need to pass this legislation that will put a cap control on these greedy insurance companies, pharmaceuticals companies, hospitals, doctors and other medical practitioners. And there is no need for any kind of "Tort Reform". The doctors need to become more competent and skillful. I know many highly educated people that avoid going to Physicians because they claim the doctors make error after error them mask and cover-up their mistakes with a whole host of excuses. What we need to do is up the ante on what litigants can receive in lawsuits.
I am still in favor of the Public Option but the Democrats and Obama have taken the Public Option out to curry favor with the Party of "NO".
After listening to the dubious debate between the Party of "No" and the Democrats during the Health Care Summit, it is quite obvious why the U.S. is in dire need of educational reform.
I know as an American citizen, we can do better than those addle brained people representing both parties in the U.S. Congress and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.