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James S. Robinson Jr., Was The Second Person of color in the United States of America to receive the highly coveted American Legion School Award in 1925, at the Watt Street School

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August 3, 2011

 James Robinson Junior's first police whistle with the Pittsburgh PA, Department of Public Safety, Police Detective Division                                                                                                                            

American Legion School Award

American Legion School Award

Superintendent, Department of Public Safety, City of Pittsburgh, Friendly Service Bureau

* James S. Robinson Jr. earned the American Legion Honor School Award for outstanding exemplary service to his school and community while attending the Watt Street school in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh PA in 1925.
Mr. Robinson was the second person of color in the United States to receive the coveted award. My dad also made straight A's in all subjects from the first grade to the eight grade and he made a double which means he skipped a whole grade level.
The highly distinguished Homer S. Brown Sr. and attorney Oliver Johnson attended the American Legion Honor School award ceremony at the Watt Street School along with my grand parents Mr. and Mrs. James S. Robinson Sr.  My dad's name James S. Robinson is on the American Legion Award on the side with the two soldiers along with the date 1925, which is difficult to read.

* Note two of my swim team members at the Centre Avenue YMCA and Herron Hill Jr. High School Morris Fountain Jr. and Nate Clark also received  the American Legion Honor School Award at Herron Hill High School for the school year 1955-1956. Nate Clark was the first African American in the United States to place or score in the NCAA Championship in Swimming coming in fifth place in the 200 meter Butterfly in 1962, while swimming for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State was the premier collegiate team in swimming at the time that Nate placed fifth in the 200 meter butterfly.

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