Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Television Station WIIC, In Pittsburgh PA Donates a TV ANTENNA To Dunbar Community Center located in Butler PA during the time that James S. Robinson Jr. was the executive director of the Center

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Slippery Rock, PA
August 2, 2011

Note the following from the above picture:
Pictured are Caley E. Augustine, public relations and promotion director of Television Station WIIC, James C. Robinson, executive director of Dunbar Community Center and John Barnett, a four-year-old member of the Center.
Also note that my dad's middle initial is S not C.
Subsequently, the Intermediate League and Kelly Chevrolet-Cadillac did in fact donate television sets to the Dunbar Community Center.

Black Buzz is presently working on the following articles as part of the James S. Robinson Jr. Project:
1. Jim Robinson Prevents a truck hijacking on the New Jersey Turnpike in  1954.
2. James S. Robinson, Jr. demands that businesses in Butler, PA hire and       promote Negroes.
3. Jim Robinson assists the Jack and Jill Organization in Pittsburgh, PA in the fight against polio in 1954.
4. James S. Robinson, Jr. captures two escapees from the Butler County Jail who were found on our property in Slippery Rock Twp/Cherry Twp.
5. James S. Robinson, Jr. puts eight bigoted men from Tennessee in Butler Memorial Hospital with severe body injuries who had stormed into the Dunbar Community Center to teach the " Nigger" a lesson.
6. James S. Robinson, Jr. works on the construction of the Howard Johnson Restaurants on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
7. The Allegheny County Warden asks James S. Robinson Jr. to assist with the escort of Stanley Hoss from the " Bull Pen" to the Court House.
8. While working for the FBI in 1943, a County Sheriff in West Virginia refuses to give a White prisoner to James S. Robinson, Jr.

* Indeed James S. Robinson, Jr. was an exceptional extraordinary American of many unique talents and whom I have been writing about since last year as part of the James S. Robinson Jr. Project.
In 1925, my dad was the second person of color in the United States of America to receive the highly coveted American Legion School Award while in attendance at the Watt Street School in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh, PA which is now Robert L. Vann. 

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