Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Congressional Black Caucus Claims They Are Starting a Jobs Initiative

Black Buzz News Service
Cleveland, Ohio
August 10, 2011
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The Congressional Black Caucus announced today that they are tired of waiting for a new job creation plan by the Congress and they will develop their own plan.
The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) should have had a bona-fide job creation plan to introduce to Congress on the day that the infamous George W. Bush and cohorts left the White House. So what did the Congressional Black Caucus do in the way of job creation from the day that President Bush left office?
I believe they just sat on their lazy behinds in the comfort of the House and did nothing while many of their constituents continue to live in a on-going depression with sky-high unemployment and while an obscene wealth gap between African-Americans and Whites has quadrupled since 1985.
The CBC has been AWOL during the present deep, deep recession.
'Whatever happened to holding your elected officials accountable?"
Whatever happened to holding their feet to the fire?
The Congressional Black Caucus used to have people in their ranks like Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisholm and Ron Dellums who would fight for the interests of the American Negro.  Apparently John Conyers, Jr. is either too old or he has been co-opted by power and tenure. John Conyers used to be a fighter, but what happened to all that fire and brimstone?
Where was the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congress and President Obama when American Companies took 1.4 million good paying American jobs overseas in 2010?
Congress has a disapproval rating hovering around 84% and that figure could he higher for members of the CBC. We should not give the Congressional Black Caucus a free pass because they are African American.
Let the truth be told that the CBC has done a miserably poor job of representing the interests of African Americans in the worst economic crisis in the USA since the Great Depression in the 1930's.
We have a tremendous crisis of mediocre, inept leadership in all the political systems in the United States of America from the White House down to the local school boards. We have grown accustomed to accepting lower standards in all our institutions in this experiment in democratic governance. 
Is the CBC merely a microcosm of the people they allegedly represent?
The constituents of the Congressional Black Caucus must hold the CBC accountable by writing, sit-ins, protesting their action, demonstrating against their House Servant behavior, e-mailing, calling, and visiting in their local and House offices. Your silence is just another form of oppression.

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