Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Judge Alito's record

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August 10, 2011
               The below letter appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on December 15, 2005 and is part of Ronald B. Saunders Papers.

                        Judge Alito's record
  I am responding to the articles "Alito Crafted Plan in 85'to Weaken Roe" ( Dec.1 ) and "Alito Seeks to Ease Worry" ( Dec 3 ) and the Dec. 5 Intellectual Capital column, "Alito on Roe: It's Not' Personal."
    Judicial candidates and sitting judges don't reside in glass houses.
Judges are not immune from being political animals. And Mr. Alito like his contemporary John Roberts Jr. contrary to their public utterances will say anything that is their best interest relative to adhering to the principle of stare decisis for long-standing precedents.
   It is my belief that Mr. Alito will bring his own peculiar brand of bias, prejudice and other far right-wing ideological views to the Supreme Court, which is evidenced by Mr. Alito's dissents. The majority of his dissents are to the right of others members of the panel and totally out of the mainstream of sound, moderate, judicial interpretations of the law.
 In the United States' anemic political climate, the corrupt arch right-wing reactionary conservatives have taken over the West Wing of the White House, and the American people can ill afford to have our Supreme Court taken over by activist judicial extremists.
                                                                 Ronald B. Saunders
                                                        The National Black Political Caucus
                                                                        Pgh. PA

Note:  Indeed Alito and Roberts have proven to be judicial activist extremists which is evidenced by all of their rulings on the United States Supreme Court.

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