Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Qaddafi's Fall From Power

Black Buzz News Service
 Cairo, Egypt
August 24, 2011

 With Qaddafi's fall from power in Libya the jury is still out as to what type of governance will emerge from the fiasco in the North African state.
 Without NATO's assistance led by the U.S. and France this overthrow of Qaddafi would not have occurred. The U.K. has had special forces on the ground for the last 8-10 weeks.
President Obama had ruled against U.S. forces on the ground. Obama could not afford politically to see any more SEALS, or J-sock, Delta Force getting killed for a country Libya that had sent the largest numbers of insurgent fighters to kill U.S. forces in Iraq.
One must be cognizant of the fact that Rebel Transitional Council has many insurgents who are not reliable. Also the Rebel Transitional Council nor any of the other Tribes in Libya have the necessary training, experience to run a government.
Show me one Arab country in North Africa or the Middle East that has some semblance of democratic governance?
Its no secret that the French, Italians, U.S and the nasty Brits were desirous of getting control of Qaddafi's oil. Libya has some of the best sweet oil in the world, which is easy to refine.
Colonel Qaddafi had spent hundreds of billions of dollars building-up the Libyan infrastructure, which now has been devestated.
So who will pay for that destruction of Libya? Will the French, Italians, and the Brits line up to rebuild Libya in an exchange for oil? How much aid will the U.S. taxpayers have to deliver to this unknown regime of misfits?
Some experts have already predicted that it will take Libya a whole year to get-up to full oil production.
The only deal for the U.S. is the fact that some U.S. oil firms will be able to get a toe hold in some area's, which should mean lower petrol prices.

What we have just witnessed in Libya with the fall of Qaddafi is the recolonization of Libya with a group of hand picked lackey's who will represent and broker the interests of the EU and U.S.  It may take a counter revolution in Libya which would give all the stake-holders a chance to participate in a government of their choice.

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