Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hillary and Bill's Baggage

Yes Hillary, you and Bill have more baggage than the entire fleet of UPS and Fed Ex trucks can haul. Perhaps some of those UPS and Fed Ex trucks had some of the important documents and papers relating to Vincent Foster’s death and material that was relevant to Ron Brown’s purported indictment. Guess what Hillary, all of your baggage has not been thoroughly rummaged through by your opposition. Does anyone remember the questionable circumstances surrounding the deaths of Vincent Foster and Ron Brown? Why the silence of Susan McDougal who risked her own freedom by going to jail? For what and for whom is Susan McDougal covering up?
If Hillary is the Democratic candidate, the Republicans will bring up all of the old baggage that has not been thoroughly rummaged through. Perhaps there is someone out there who will give Susan McDougal a million dollars to write a “tell it all” book with no holes barred.

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