Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Government of Nuri Kamal al-Maliki Backs Obama on Troop Pull-Out

John McCain, the duplicitous republican presumptive nominee for the presidency, appears dumbfounded and confused with the announcement that the Al-Maliki government wants the U.S. troops out by the end of 2010. Mr. McCain, the overwhelming majority of Iraqis don’t want the U.S. troops in their country. Mr. McCain, people like you and other misguided buffoons in the Congress along with the Bush team illegally invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq. You claim to be a war expert Mr. McCain, so why didn’t you read all the intelligence reports before you and your colleagues voted to invade Iraq? History is replete with great military commanders, generals and kings and queens who successfully invaded and conquered countries based upon what the actual intelligence revealed. But in the case of the invasion of Iraq, Mr. McCain, you chose not to read the NIE Report which shows your lack good judgment and questionable temperament to be commander-in-chief. Mr. McCain, you were derelict in your duty in carrying out your position responsibilities as a United States Senator.
Mr. McCain, the acute military expert, when and where were the weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq? Mr. McCain, the intelligence report that you did not read before leading our men and women into harm’s way stated Saddam did not possess any WMD’s. Furthermore Mr. McCain, you chose to lead our men and women of the great United States of America into battle based upon lies and deceptions and your niggardly, warped, jingoistic manifest destiny foreign policy. Saddam’s military was defeated decisively in the first Gulf conflict in the 1990’s and his military was no more of a threat to instability in the region than would be Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck. There is no verifiable proof that Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapons program or had amassed any semblance of weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence reports revealed that what WMD’s Saddam did have, had already been used in killing various Kurds and Shiites in the South of Iraq. Saddam only had a remnant of an air force, a few boats in his Navy which were of no consequence and poorly trained, disloyal republican guard troops. So how Mr. McCain can you and your cohorts look into the eyes of all those 4,000 plus grieving families and the tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel that have been injured based upon lies and deceit?
Senator McCain, does it matter to you that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed and several million Iraqis have become misplaced and have become refugees because of your poor judgment, your blind political ideology and your failure to appreciate the sovereignty of Iraq.
How do you sleep at night Mr. McCain knowing that you and other people of the same ilk are responsible for all the deaths of Iraqis and coalition forces? Then you have the gall and audacity not to approve Senator Jim Webb of Virginia’s Veteran’s Bill which is the most comprehensive veterans’ piece of legislation since the GI Bill. And you voted against Senator Webb’s Veteran’s Bill, Mr. McCain.
Mr. McCain, the military hero, why didn’t you recommend to Bush and company the need to seal off the entire border of Iraq after and before you toppled Saddam Hussein? Of course Mr. McCain, you couldn’t seal off the entire border of Iraq because the United States nor its accomplices, the coalition forces, had enough troops to seal the border. Thus, Mr. McCain, your failure to recommend the sealing off the entire Iraqi border made it easy for foreign fighters, Jihadists, Al-Qaeda and other enemy combatants to enter the country of Iraq which caused thousands of Americans and Iraqis to loose their lives. Wherein the media has anointed you as a military expert and you claim you know how to win wars, it was actually Colonel Ian McFarlane who was engaged in a counter insurgency operation (surge) against the so-called enemy in conjunction with Sunni tribal leaders and Shiite militias three months before your alleged conversations with Colonel McFarlane. From a military standpoint the surge should have taken place in 2005 and you did not recommend the surge to Rumsfeld or any other official in the Bush administration in 2005. So you need to refrain from lying about your role in regards to the surge.
Mr. McCain, your invasion of Iraq laid the seeds for the civil war which erupted in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Mr. McCain, you and Bush Company got us into Iraq but Mr. Obama will get us out of Iraq with honor and dignity. Mr. Obama has always said that any phase U. S. troop withdrawal is contingent on the overall conditions on the ground and the progress being made in Iraq having some semblance of a unified government. Mr. McCain, you continuously distort Mr. Obama’s position on a phase withdrawal of our troops from Iraq for your own political advantage. Mr. McCain, the invasion of Iraq was only about one thing-----and that is to have power to control the flow of oil to satisfy our insatiable addiction to oil for the benefit of our greedy oil companies and their related affiliates. When Bush took office in 2001, I paid $1.41 a gallon for gasoline Now I am paying $4.10 per gallon. This increase is due to the war in Iraq, deregulation of the speculative market of which you were a party to, Mr. McCain.
Mr. McCain, you claim to be fit to be commander-in-chief while you suffer from the Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer syndrome of blind, aggressive manifest destiny. The American people do not deserve to have a loose cannon aged man with his hands on the buttons that would make cannon fodder of our young people. Mr. McCain, your only hope is that Bush and company make a preemptive attack on Iran. This is what your boy Charlie Black is hoping for, Mr. McCain. This type of action will have mass appeal to the low-information voters of Appalachia, the Southeast and various parts of the Midwestern and Western region of the country.
I ask all the descendants of the families who had members die or were injured in Iraq and all of the hundreds and thousands of Iraqis who have died and who have been injured----who are the true war criminals and should not they be tried before the International Court of Justice in the Hague or a bona-fide military tribunal of the Hague?

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