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AMERICA'S BEST WEEKLY: A Century of THE Pittsburgh Courier

Pittsburgh, PA
February 12, 2011

On Thursday evening, February 10, 2011 my family was honored to be invited to attend the opening exhibit at the Senator John Heinz History Center of the The Pittsburgh Courier Exhibit titled: AMERICA'S BEST WEEKLY: A century of The Pittsburgh Courier.  The following is a reprint which gives background information of the exhibit.                  
                                    ABOUT THE EXHIBITION

"The Heinz History Center exhibition America's Best Weekly: A Century of the Pittsburgh Courier commemorates the 100th anniversary of one of the nation's most prestigious newspapers."

"The Courier has covered news pertaining to African Americans nationwide. From the Double V" campaign of World War II and the Civil Rights Movement to the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and President Barack Obama's historic election, The Courier's timely news coverage has made it the most influential publication of its kind. The exhibition highlights the headlines as well as the personalities who brought the Courier to life, including founder Edward Nathaniel Harleston and editor and publisher Robert L. Vann- the first African American graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law."

The Pittsburgh Courier Exhibit was located on the fourth floor in the Magovern Family Gallery. We toured the exhibit with Jesse Peters longtime friend who was a former Courier Sports Editor of the Pittsburgh Courier and who flew in from New Orleans, Louisiana to attend this historic festive opening.

The Courier Exhibit was very informative and educational and should serve as a learning tool for the entire community. The exhibit enhances our understanding of the Courier's role in shaping and developing its unique history in Western Pennsylvania, the nation and the world.  Because of the wealth of information in the exhibit, we plan to return along with other family members to do a more in depth tour of the exhibit.  This experience was so invaluable and enriching since we witnessed and were aware of many of the events as recorded in The Pittsburgh Courier. We encourage all citizens particularly college students and  parents of all school age children in the area to arrange to see this outstanding historical exhibit of The Pittsburgh Courier. Parents must insist that their respective school districts take the students under their charge to the Heinz History Center to review this great exhibit.
The study, examination, evaluation and celebration of African Americans in the context of the development and advancement of the United States of America and throughout the African Diaspora should not be relegated to one obscure month in February.  For without the African free labor, intelligence and African ingenuity, the U.S. would  be a second rate power today. African American history is an integral vitally important part of America's history.
Mr. Samuel Black, Curator of the African American Collection for the John Heinz History Center and staff did a superb job in making the Courier's history come alive.
We were quite pleased to see my mother Mrs. Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson in several of the exhibit displays, demonstrating the role she played along with other employees in making the Pittsburgh Courier the true paper of record.

After the lively reception and program, a tour of the Courier Exhibition followed.

Some of the people in attendance were:
Mr. and Mrs. John Brewer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Glasco
Mrs. Cecila Trower Epperson
Debbie Norell, sister of Beverly Norell
Clarence Curry, husband of Agnes Curry
Joyce Ford Kareem, sister of Andy Ford
Freda Ellis, sister of August Wilson
Charlene Foggie Barnett, sister of Milton Swann
Diane Williams Colbert, wife of the late Bill Colbert
Eric Springer, Esquire
Jesse Peters, a former Courier Sports Editor
Dr. Gail Edwards and husband
Peggy Harris
Nancy Bolden, wife of the great Frank Bolden
John Wild, University of Pittsburgh
Bill Neal,  Executive Director/Founder of the Champions Asssociation

According to the program, the following acknowledgments were made:
University of Pittsburgh
Office of the Chancellor
Office of Public Affairs
Office of Special Events

Heinz History Center

New Pittsburgh Courier

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